About Us

Why Use Synergy Realty Inc.?

Since 1990, Synergy Realty Inc. has been providing our customers with the most complete array of commercial leasing services, from previewing each and every space before showing to negotiating the most complex leasing terms our experience saves you time and money allowing you to focus on your job while we provide you with every aspect of a commercial real estate transaction.

We are the point of contact for all landlord communications during negotiations (either with the owner or broker) ensuring that your relationship with the owner will not be tarnished during and part of the process.

Synergy Realty Inc. negotiates all the terms of the transaction including the final lease document.
Synergy Realty Inc. provides post-move follow-up to ensure landlord compliance.

Since inception, our success has depended upon our professional reputation. Synergy Realty Inc. is devoted solely to our clients’ best interest. We will never jeopardize this trust.

Synergy Realty Inc. are Expert Lease Negotiators
Synergy Realty Inc. helps you, the tenant, save money by identifying and negotiating away common, yet costly lease traps by calling upon years of expertise in real estate negotiations, real estate taxes, real estate law, building management, tenant build-out and real estate accounting practices. Synergy Realty Inc. identifies lease traps related tobusiness issues,financial issues,landlord accounting practices andbuildout.

By retaining Synergy Realty Inc., your organization not only receives experienced representation, you also reap the benefit of having just one source to look to for prevention or elimination of costly lease mistakes.

Whether you’re considering Chelsea/Flatiron (or beyond) for new corporate commercial space, preparing to renew your existing lease or beginning the process of looking for expansion space, Synergy Realty Inc..