Why Use A Broker?

The difference between success and failure in a business can easily come down to your location and lease terms, but if you’re not an experienced and savvy negotiator, you may not stand a chance in negotiations against the landlord or his real estate agent. Bringing in someone who will go to bat for you or even take the whole negotiating process off your shoulders can save you money in the long run.

Selecting the right location, negotiating commercial lease terms, and finalizing the formal lease document can be daunting tasks for even the most seasoned of tenants but especially more so for someone going through the process for the first time. Making a single mistake on a commercial lease deal can be so costly that five years later the tenant may be struggling to make ends meet and not making enough profit for their business.

The easiest and most expedient way for you to level the playing field with landlord’s is to find an experienced professional, hire them, and listen to their advice.

To be on equal footing, any broker you higher to negotiator rent must be knowledgeable and experienced but also willing to negotiate with the landlord.

With over 30 years experience, we know the market well enough to help you make an intelligent or competitive offer and when to walk away from an overpriced property, we take the emotional factor out of making a decision and focus on the critical financial aspect of the deal. A landlord knows exactly how much rent he needs to pay the property mortgage and make a return on his investment will novice tenants don’t know what level of sales to achieve an tend to think of their expenses are higher such as rent don’t have to sell more goods and services but this is a dangerous approach for untried business.

Allowing synergy to negotiate your rent we can help you avoid costly lease mistakes, save you time, and guarantee you a piece of mind knowing that you don’t overpay on the lease and you got the best deal possible.