Items Needed When Submitting An Offer

Please compiled the following information and have it ready before previewing space. You will have to have it sooner or later anyway.

Required: Corporate, personal and financial information to be submitted along with offers in order for them to be considered. The following list is what you should have compiled and ready for submission along with any offer:

Corporation Information:

  • Date that the business was incorporated
  • State in which the business is incorporated
  • Any brochure, one page marketing material or an explanation of your business service.

Financial Information:

  • Copy of most recent corporate tax return (Usually schedule C is sufficient, or the P&L page) and/or the corporation’s most recent audited financial statement.
  • Name, account #, contact person and phone number of bank (banker should be advised that you approve the release of account information)
  • Copy of the most recent bank statement (include capital accounts)
  • Copy of the previous four months cancelled rent checks to current landlord

Personal Information:

  • Name, address, SS# (required) of the Corporate officer who will sign the lease.

Multiple offers on a given space have become common. The person who provides the most information, in the quickest amount of time, will generally make the most impression and get their offer considered first.